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May 11 - July 31, 2020

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May 11, 2020
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Coding Bootcamp Focus

Full-stack Web Design and Development

Path to Employment: Jax Code Academy's Web Developer Bootcamp is designed to make you job-market ready. This course teaches you how to code, have a successful interview, and work on live websites. To increase your skills & opportunities, graduates are encouraged to sign up for Jax Code Academy Interships post-bootcamp.

Full-Stack Web Development: this 12-week intensive bootcamp will prepare you to be employed as a web developer, a software developer, or allow you to start your own business.


Historic Springfield Neighborhood
1501 North Main St.
Jacksonville, FL 32206


12 weeks + 12 weeks internship or externship.



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Format (Your choice)

1) In-Person
2) Online via Webex teleconferencing. Just like being in the classroom.
3) Hybrid Combination online and in-person.

This course is live broadcast for those who opt to take the course online, via hybrid attendance, and for those who can't make it to class on any given day.


None, this course is for beginners. No experience or degree necessary.

What you'll need for bootcamp

An Apple or Windows laptop. No Chromebooks. Everything else is supplied.

Jobs you'll be trained for


Starting Salary

The average starting salary nationwide of a web developer is $70,000+. In the Jacksonville area our students earn starting salaries between $45,000 and $70,000.

Job Placement Assistance

Robert Half Technology and Apex Systems, two local recruitment firms, will help you find that perfect job.

Other Benefits

3-months of co-working space at either location.
Repeat the course for free within a 1-yr period.
Free Parking.


Prerequisites: None, this course is for beginners. No experience or degree necessary.

Jax Code Academy's Full-Stack Web Developer Bootcamp is geared towards beginner and intermediate coders. The syllabus begins with building simple HTML webpages and progresses through to responsive database-driven websites and applications. The curriculum focuses on the latest and most used technologies in web development, including Javascript, Node/React, PHP, MySQL, and Object Oriented Programming.

Along the way you will develop critical problem solving skills, put together a professional portfolio, and participate in group projects. Towards the end of bootcamp, students are divided into groups and compete for bragging rights in our Coding Challenge. In addition to web development training, this course helps you prepare for your job search with résumé building, guest lectures from local recruiters, and projects where you work on "real-world" websites.

Our extensive curriculum includes a wide range of applications and concepts, including but not limited to:

HTML Photoshop/Pixlr basics
PHP Networks
Javascript Software Maintenance
Java Ajax
Relational Databases Wordpress
SQL Drupal
JQuery Intro to Python
Bootstrap HIPAA
Web Hosting Encryption
Web Server Configuration Google Services
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Datatables
Libraries Encoding
Operating Systems eCommerce
Git Model, View, Controller (MVC) Frameworks
Command Line Unicode
ASCII + More

Typical Day at Bootcamp


  Bootcamp begins each day at 9am at Jax Code Academy. Your instructor will start by going over the previous day's assignments, before introducing new material. Students will work through the new material via assignments, projects, challenges, etc. until the end of class time. In addition to the instructor, Jax Code Teaching Assistants will be in the room to provide personalized guidance and training. Your instructor and teaching assistants will help you during this "work-shop" time to make sure you are on the right track and feel confident about your work.

  After class time, students can find a place on or off-site, alone or in groups, to work on projects. Students are expected to continue studying materials provided and work on assignments outside of class hours. Your instructor and teaching assistants will be available to help you via email, phone, text, video call, and in-person.

Online / Hybrid

  Class is live-streamed everyday via Cisco Webex secure video conferencing; this allows students to follow along with the instructor in real-time, as well as ask questions, ask for clarification or guidance, use interactive screen sharing, and message the instructor via the Webex Chat.

  On the first day of class you can start working through each lesson in the syllabus. Each lesson contains new information/ concepts, explanations/ examples, video(s) that demonstrate the material, and assignments. An instructor will be available to help you via email, phone, text, video call, and in-person. Your instructor will track your progress by reviewing your work daily, and make sure you do not fall behind. You are also welcome on to campus at anytime to attend class, work on assignments, or receive assistance.

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