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May 11 - July 31, 2020

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Jax Code Academy UNF Continuing Education
Bootcamp Length 3 months + 3 month internship = 6 months (full time) 26 weeks (part time)
Tuition $3,500 $12,000
Curriculum Extensive/Intensive: Frontend and backend, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3 & 4, PHP, fullstack JavaScript, JQuery, Datatables, MySQL/SQL, MongoDB, Web Hosting Concepts, SFTP, SSH, Command Line, Linux, Wordpress, Drupal, Cron, Github, Python, .htaccess and php.ini, Apache Web Server configuration, Domain Names and SSL, ASCII/Unicode, XML/JSON, AJAX/XMLHttpRequest, React/Node.js, Single Page Applications (SPA), Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, OOP with PHP & JavaScript, Google Maps/Fonts/Charts, Model, View, Controller (MVC), Web Development, Software Development. Limited: fullstack JavaScript
Deposit Required $1,000 $2,000
Payment Plan 10 payments of $500 $300 per month over 5-year term based on loan of $11,910
Began Operations 2018 2020
Who teaches? we do our own teaching outsourced to a third party
Local Company? Yes, founded in Jacksonville no, Chicago based
Graduates 200+ 0
Where are graduates? In new jobs, starting own businesses, internships, externships, teaching at Jax Code Academy, working for Jax Code Academy, working on advanced degrees 0 graduates
Starting salaries of graduates $45K to $70K $0, no job placements yet
Job placement in Jax 90% 0%
Class time 3 months + Internship X 20 hours per week = 480 hours 26 weeks X 10 hours per week = 260 hours
Jobs qualified for Full-stack web developer, software engineer, Webmaster, JavaScript programmer, Wordpress developer, Drupal developer, Game developer, Multimedia programmer, Multimedia specialist, SEO/SEM specialist, UX designer, UX researcher, Web content manager. JavaScript programmer
Skills you will learn Data analysis, database design, digital marketing, graphics and design, programming, scripting/coding, software development, user experience design, web application development, website design, communication and presentation, problem solving, project management, research, teamwork, attention to detail, time management and organisation. JavaScript
Co-working Space for graduates?
Expert Instructors?
Direct Hires?
Dedicated Building?
Live Online?
Retake bootcamp for free?
Job Guarantee?
Resume and Job Search Seminiars?
Work on Real Company Websites and Applications?
Local Recruiter Partnerships?
Hackathon competitions?
Lean Startup and Agile Methodologies? "build-measure-learn"

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