Summer 2020

Kids Coding Bootcamp

A summer of high tech fun at the University of North Florida! Ages 13-17.

Early Start


Jax Code Academy’s Summer Bootcamp immerses children in the world of web development. This bootcamp provides an invaluable learning experience, laying the foundation for a brighter academic future. Campers learn to code by building custom games and websites, which incorporate key elements and formulas from the Math SAT and AP Computer Science Examinations. Our engaging and exciting curriculum is unparalleled and our location provides young students with the unique opportunity to learn and play in a university setting. Our expert instructors and teaching assistants/ counselors are upbeat, tech-savvy, and professional.


Univ. of North Florida


9 Weeks


Passion for Tech


June 1 – July 31, 2020


Monday – Friday


9am – 3pm

Kids Coding Bootcamp Tuition

2 Months

Child Enrolled* Tuition
1st $1500
2nd + $1000
  3rd + + $500

*Limited to one family. Kids must be ages 13 – 17 at the start of bootcamp.

Bright Young Minds

Encouraging creativity, innovation, and a passion for technology.

Jumping Right In

At Jax Code Academy, we believe the best way to learn how to do something is to actually do it. Crazy right? This is why building a website starts on day one. We have kids building their own websites, games and applications from the start. Excitement starts the moment you set foot on campus.

Why SAT & AP Prep?

Why not make coding bootcamp the most valuable, enriching experience it could be? By incorporating this knowledge into something kids are passionate about, we take the work out of learning. Studying becomes a fun activity and the information is better retained by integrating it with a fun topic. We see this as the perfect opportunity to learn as much as possible while having fun.

Our Curriculum

Early Education & Test Preparation

Jax Code Academy’s Kids Summer Bootcamp covers basic and intermediate web development, and incorporates Math SAT & Computer Science AP Examination study material into coding projects.

PSAT Math PSAT Computer Science
SAT Math AP Math
AP Computer Science HTML
Javascript PHP
JQuery CSS
Wordpress Web Hosting
Webforms Bootstrap
XAMPP Datatables
Github And More!



The Venue

The University of North Florida

Jax Code Academy’s Kids Summer Bootcamp is hosted at the Adam W. Herbert University Center, which is nestled in the University of North Florida’s thousand-acre nature preserve. The University Center offers a quiet sanctuary in an academic setting, making it ideal for learning and play. 

A Typical Day at Bootcamp

June 1 - July 31, 2020. Monday - Friday.

Drop-off Window

Being on time doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

  ✓  8:50 am – 9:15 am


Concepts in Coding

Interactive & Exciting.

Workshop Time

Build on your own & create with your teammates.

Outdoor Lunch

Refuel for brainpower!

Games & Activities

Design, build, test, then share what you create.

Pick-up Window

No-rush, stress-free pickup.

  ✓  2:50 pm – 3:15 pm


Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, I was wondering...

What does my child need to bring to bootcamp?

The essentials:

     Laptop Charger

What if my family wants to go on vacation during bootcamp?

Go and have fun! Let us know which days your coder will be unable to attend, and we’ll work with you guys to make sure it doesn’t affect the rest of bootcamp.

What if my child has a pre-existing condition and needs to take medication during bootcamp hours?

A Medication Release Form will be made available to you before the start of bootcamp. This form must be submitted in order to notify Jax Code Academy that your child will be taking mediation while on campus. Jax Code Academy staff will not administer any medication.

I have a question/concern/comment...

We’d love to hear from you! Please email Jax Code Academy at

We look forward to seeing you next summer!