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Summer Coding Bootcamp sounds great — how do I enjoy my summer and attend bootcamp?

Jun 3 or Sep 9

Two start dates to Choose From


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Does Not Include assignment hours ouside class time


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Who Is Summer Coding Bootcamp for?

High school students who want a jumpstart on an exciting career

Graduating high school seniors looking for an alternative to college

Graduating high school seniors going to college in the fall


Great hands on coding boot-camp with all of the 1 on 1 learning you need! Dr. Fitzmeyer and his vast knowledge of coding languages including popular languages such as C, python, and JavaScript will help you build a solid foundation to get you started in your coding career!


I got an entry level front end web developer job shortly after training in the boot camp. Very good for asking questions and getting a full scale view of web development, unlike online classes which you can only rewind and only teaches how to code, none of the configuration and UI that comes along with coding that can lead to hours and hours of frustration.


Affordable one-on-one learning is what I liked most. Not to mention the friends and contacts I made. It’s also nice to know and see firsthand of the successes of others that have gone through Jax Code Academy.

Jacksonville, Florida

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Jax Code Academy gives you the skills, support, and resources to start your career in 8-12 weeks. 

Bootcamps are unique programs which rapidly develop skills in a real-word context. You’ll complete Jax Code Academy’s Full-Stack Coding & AI Bootcamp in 8 weeks, followed by an optional Internship. 

During Internship you’ll work on real world projects to build your resume while we help you find a job. Jax Code Academy gives you everything you need to secure a high-paying job in the tech field.

The Skills

Learn the latest and most popular web technologies — master the tools and tech behind the websites and applications you use everyday.

The Support

The Jax Code Community is made of students, graduates, mentors, instructors, and teaching assistants — all dedicated to your success.

The Resources

The structure, community, and experience to know what has worked for hundreds of Jax Code Academy students.

Seats are limited and cohorts fill up quickly.

Full-Stack Web Development

Coding & AI Bootcamp

Full-stack web development is a combination of both the front-end (what the user sees and interacts with) and back-end (behind-the-scenes functions) parts of a web application. 

Module 1

Coding Fundamentals

A comprehensive introduction to web development. On day 1, you’ll set up your development environment, and then start coding! Master HTML, CSS, Git, and the Command Line Interface.

Start by adding elements, styling, and structure to webpages. Use Git to track changes in your code, AND use Github to collaborate on code with a dev team. Interact with your computer’s operating system via the Command Line Interface.

  • Software
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Git/Github
  • Debugging
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)


Module 2


Dive into JavaScript, exploring core concepts, syntax, and functionality. Learn how to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM), handle events, validate data, and create web pages that are dynamic and interactive. 

Also, develop an understanding of asynchronous programming and discover how to effectively utilize APIs to supercharge your applications.

  • Javascript
  • APIs
  • DOM Manipulation
  • JSON
  • Asynchronous
  • User Interactions
  • Webhooks
  • Animation

Module 3

MERN Stack

The MERN stack is a collection of four technologies that help developers build scalable web applications using JavaScript. The acronym MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js.

During Bootcamp, you’ll learn how to build responsive full-stack web applications using this popular JavaScript-based technology stack.

  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • React
  • Node
  • RESTful API
  • Deployment

Module 4

LAMP Stack

The LAMP stack is a collection of four open-source software technologies that developers use to create, host, and maintain websites and web applications. LAMP is an acronym for the four technologies that make up the stack: Linux (the operating system), Apache (the web server), MySQL (the database), PHP (the programming language).

At Bootcamp, you’ll use this tech stack to build and deploy dynamic web apps.

  • PHP
  • SQL Databases
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Server Deployment

Module 5

AI & Machine Learning

Cap off your coding bootcamp with AI and machine learning, mastering data-driven decisions and advanced algorithms for real-world applications. By the end of the module, you’ll not only be an adept prompt engineer but also well-equipped to apply AI in diverse web development scenarios.

  • Prompt Engineering
  • Automation
  • Debugging
  • Predictive Analytics

Coding & AI bootcamp will follow the entire curriculum. However, occasionally a student will choose to concentrate on an area of study which aligns with their specific interests.

Build Full-Scale Applications On Dev Teams

In-person and online students experience working on real coding teams. You will learn how to communicate and work like a professional developer. Seamlessly integrate into your first web development job, during or after bootcamp.

Build Your Portfolio

You will work both independently and on dev teams to build web applications which are added to your portfolio. Showcase a professional web portfolio, demonstrating your skills and experience within the tech field.

Personalized Mentoring and Feedback

Your instructors and mentors, who are seasoned web developers, are there to make sure your time at Coding & AI Bootcamp is successful.

Join the virtual Jax Code Members Portal

See announcements, ask questions, talk to members of your coding teams, and more! …all through the Jax Code Academy members portal!

Instructors available 7 days per week

Instructors are available for questions, code reviews, and guidance 7/days per week from 9am to 6pm EST via the Jax Code Academy members portal.

Guest Lectures by Industry Experts

At Jax Code Academy, we bring the industry’s best directly to you through our guest lecture series. From seasoned recruiters to leading industry experts and local web development companies, our guest speakers share invaluable insights, trends, and real-world experiences that enrich your learning journey.
  • Connect with Recruiters: Learn about the latest hiring trends, what employers are looking for, and how to stand out in job interviews.
  • Gain Expert Knowledge: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals who share cutting-edge techniques, best practices, and industry secrets.
  • Network with Local Companies: Forge connections with local web development companies, opening doors to potential internships, projects, and job opportunities.

Certificate of Training

When you complete Coding & AI Bootcamp, you’ll receive an official certificate proving your mastery of web development. Show it off to your family, friends, add it to your resume, and post it to your professional network on LinkedIn. Congratulations on your achievement!

Make Friends for Life

At Jax Code Academy, we believe that the connections you make during your coding bootcamp experience are as valuable as the skills you learn. Through teamwork, mentorship, and shared learning experiences, you’ll not only build impressive projects but also forge friendships that last. Join the Jax Code Academy community to make friends for life while mastering the art of coding.

Join Jax Code Academy Graduates in the Tech Industry

Jax Code Academy gives you everything you need to secure a high-paying job 

Front-End Skills

Developing interactive web interfaces

Back-End Skills

Driving applications with powerful server-side code

1-on-1 Mentoring

Tailored guidance for learning and career success

Portfolio Development

Build a standout web portfolio to impress hiring managers

Code on a Team

Seamlessly transition to coding on a dev team at work

Higher Salary Range

Gain the skills and experience needed for a career upgrade

Flexible Schedules

Balance career advancement with your busy life


Jump into the career you need without breaking the bank

LinkedIn profile

A strong professional profile leads to new opportunites

Resume Building

Develop & optimize your resume during bootcamp

Interview Prep

Prepare for the job market & interviews

Coding + AI

AI integrated into the curriculum to stay ahead of the curve


Gain a support system and grow your professional network

Job Search Assist

Apply for jobs DURING bootcamp for expert guidance


Internship adds professional experience to your resume

Build Friendships

Build friendships that last a lifetime

Seats are limited and cohorts fill up quickly.


Nope! In-person classes are currently only available in Jacksonville, FL. However, Jax Code Academy has online students throughout the United States and Canada.

The only requirement for Coding & AI Bootcamp is a Mac or Windows computer less than 6yrs old.

Jax Code Academy Coding & AI Bootcamp is an 8-week program. Students who successfully complete bootcamp are eligible for the optional 3-8 week Internship.

All lectures are recorded for students to watch at a later time. Instructors are available throughout the week for assistance.