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Health Informatics Coding Bootcamp

Health informatics is a fast-growing discipline that combines healthcare management and information science to improve patient care and outcomes.

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This immersive coding bootcamp course teaches physicians and healthcare providers how to develop and deploy full-stack health information technology applications using web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, OOP. Students will learn how to design, develop, and test web applications that support health information exchange, data analysis, and regulatory compliance.

Course Outline

Week 1: Introduction to Healthcare Informatics
Overview of healthcare informatics and its significance in the healthcare industry.

Week 2: Information Systems Design and HIPAA Compliance
Effective design and utilization of information systems for strategic advantage and operational performance in healthcare organizations, with emphasis on compliance with HIPAA regulations. Detailed analysis of privacy, security, and confidentiality policies and procedures for both internal and external use and exchange of health information, in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

Week 3-5: Web Development Technologies
Overview of web development technologies and healthcare informatics. Basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Week 6-9: PHP Development, MySQL Database Development, HL7, DICOM, and FHIR
Introduction to PHP. PHP syntax and variables. PHP functions and control structures. Introduction to MySQL. Database design and normalization. SQL queries and joins. Handling forms and user input. Introduction to HL7, DICOM, and FHIR for interoperability and exchange of health information.

Week 10: ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering
Introduction to ChatGPT and prompt engineering. Understanding how to use ChatGPT for healthcare applications, including natural language processing and text generation. Basics of prompt engineering for training language models on healthcare-specific tasks.

Week 11: Health Information Exchange (HIE) and Regulatory Compliance
Introduction to Health Information Exchange (HIE). Integrating HIE with web applications. HIE privacy and security considerations. Overview of regulatory compliance in HIT.

Week 11 - 12: Health Informatics Capstone Coding Project
Identification of a relevant problem related to the theory or practice of health informatics. Conducting a literature review related to the identified problem and formulating a valid solution either in the form of a testable hypothesis or other form of scholarly activity. Building a full stack prototype to demonstrate the practical application of the solution, incorporating HL7, DICOM, and/or FHIR standards for interoperability and exchange of health information.

Weekly coding assignments and projects. Participation in code reviews and discussions. Final project that demonstrates the application of web development, HIT, and ChatGPT concepts to a real-world scenario.