Continuing At Jax Code Academy

Building a Résumé

    In order to give our students the opportunity to gain real-world work experience, Jax Code Academy makes internships available to students who have completed our our Full-Stack Web Developer Bootcamp. Students eligible for Jax Code Academy’s Internship Program are those who show dedication and determination, and excel at utilizing what they have learned during their time at bootcamp.

  Jax Code Academy offers free, custom websites for local business owners and organizations, in order to help their businesses grow and succeed. This allows you to stay at JCA past graduation and work on websites and applications which you can add to your résumé. You will be building your résumé by helping to support our community members. This is a great opportunity to learn, work, and have a positive impact. The duration of our internships is 3 months.

    Our interns leave JCA with a comprehensive knowledge of full-stack web development, an impressive job history, and a bright future.