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Next Class Begins April 29, 2024

Coding Bootcamp — Train For A High Paying Career

Become a Full-Stack Developer in 8 weeks

+ new Generative AI Module!

Attend In-Person or Online

Flexible Schedules for Full-time Jobs
Beginner Friendly

8-Week Program & Optional Internship

Flexible Payment Options

Next Class Begins: April 29, 2024

Limited In-person seats.

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Join Jax Code Academy Graduates in the tech industry

Ready to launch your career in tech?

Coding & AI Bootcamp is an immersive program which provides the flexibility to fit accelerated career development into your life. All graduates are eligible for Internship.

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Pay upfront and save on tuition.

Attend in-person, online, or both!

All graduates are eligible for Internship.

$4000 $2500

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Monthly via Affirm

6, 12, or 24 payments. Interest may apply.

Attend in-person, online, or both!

All graduates are eligible for Internship.

$4000 $2500

Payment Plan


Monthly Payments

Attend in-person, online, or both!

All graduates are eligible for Internship.

$4500 $3000
Hear From Jax Code Academy Graduates!


Affordable one-on-one learning is what I liked most. Not to mention the friends and contacts I made. It’s also nice to know and see firsthand of the successes of others that have gone through Jax Code Academy.


I got an entry level front end web developer job shortly after training in the boot camp. Very good for asking questions and getting a full scale view of web development, unlike online classes which you can only rewind and only teaches how to code, none of the configuration and UI that comes along with coding that can lead to hours and hours of frustration.


Great hands on coding boot-camp with all of the 1 on 1 learning you need! Dr. Fitzmeyer and his vast knowledge of coding languages including popular languages such as C, python, and JavaScript will help you build a solid foundation to get you started in your coding career!

Next Class Begins: April 29, 2024

Limited In-person seats.

April 29

Next start date for coding & AI bootcamp


Most Affordable
Complete Bootcamp

70K - 140K​

Avg Nationwide
Tech salary range


After Bootcamp

Jacksonville, Florida

Welcome to Jax Code Academy
Free hot and cold beverages
Conference Room
High Tech Classroom
Shared Space
State of the Art Facilities


What You'll Learn

The Jax Code Academy Coding & AI Bootcamp curriculum contains five primary modules:

1  Coding Fundamentals

2  LAMP Stack
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP

3  Generative AI

4  Javascript

5  MERN Stack
Mongo Database, Express, React, Node

Coding & AI bootcamp will follow the entire curriculum. However, occasionally a student will choose to concentrate on an area of study which aligns with their specific interests.

Real-world projects our current class is working on

Jax Code Academy offers free web services to local businesses which gives our students real work experience to put on their resumes.

Next Class Begins: April 29, 2024

Limited In-person seats.

So, why a  coding bootcamp?

Let’s face it – navigating the the tech industry is hard.

Maybe you’re just starting out, and you’re being pulled in a million different directions…

What do I learn?

What should my portfolio look like?

How do I get work without tech experience on my portfolio?

What can I do to set myself apart from the sea of developers?

OR maybe you’re FLYING… and you’re ready to level up your in career.

Either way, you need MORE.

More security. More money. More time with your family. More freedom.


That’s Where A Bootcamp Comes In.

A coding bootcamp is a career supercharge that moves your dream life into reality.

Coding bootcamp allows you to create the life and career you need FAST.

Coding bootcamp is the key to your success

Next Class Begins: April 29, 2024

Limited In-person seats.

There are Endless Benefits At Jax Code Academy

Quick Entry Into the Job Market

Apply for jobs DURING coding bootcamp

Students are encouraged to start applying for jobs during bootcamp.

This way, you get expert guidance through the job search and hiring process.

Many Jax Code Academy students land jobs while attending bootcamp!


The Highlights…

  • We’ll review and refine your resume, portfolio, and LinkedIn page
  • Get expert advice on choosing which jobs to apply for, based on industry knowledge and success of Jax Code graduates who landed jobs while at bootcamp
  • Interview prep is based on the specific jobs you’ve applied for, positioning you as the ideal candidate
  • Fast-track the life you want with quick entry into the job market

78k Average Starting Salary Nationwide

High Starting Salary

Straight to the point: Being a web developer is awesome.

It’s fun, exciting, and you’re usually the first to try out – or invent – the newest tech. And, developers are always a great group.

Oh, and they’re paid very well.

At Jax Code Academy we see students soar.


The Payoff…

  • Career Skyrocket: Students have earned up to $90,000 starting salary right out of bootcamp
  • Keep Climbing: Many students quickly move into six-figure positions
  • Quick ROI: Rapidly see returns on your educational investment
  • More Freedom: Financial stability gives you the life you choose

Build Your Resume

Work on a coding team

In-person and online students experience working on a real coding team. Your dev team builds complete (and very impressive) applications which are added to your portfolio.

The Result…

  • Prove to hiring managers and interviewers that you understand how to work in a real-world context
  • Showcase complete, full-stack web applications on your portfolio
  • Learn how the highest-paid developers communicate and work with their teams
  • Seamlessly integrate into your first web development job, during or after bootcamp

Grow Your Network

Gain a Community and Grow Your Network

The Jax Code community of current students, successful graduates, mentors, and Instructors is here to help guide you to success!


The Benefit…

  • Expanded Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders and peers
  • Networking for Lifestyle: Learn to leverage connections for both career and lifestyle goals
  • Professional Support: Access a solid support system for advice and mentorship

Stand Out


All Jax Code Academy graduates are eligible for Internship. You’ll have the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects, fostering your growth as a software engineer.

Project duration varies, typically from 3 to 8 weeks.


The Boost…

  • Well-rounded Advantage: Establish connections and enhance your coding abilities
  • Increased Confidence: Tackle real-world challenges, boosting confidence in your abilities as a developer
  • Competitive Edge: Stand out in the job market with practical experience, making you a more competitive candidate

Really Stand Out

Become a Teaching Assistant
  • Enhanced Employability: Deepen expertise and stand out as a candidate
  • Leadership Development: Enhance leadership skills for career advancement
  • Credibility and Alignment: Elevate your profile with credibility for desired lifestyle

Attendance Options to Fit Every Schedule


at Jax Code Academy


via Google Meet

Hybrid / Flex

Online & in-person

Virtual Office Hours

Mon-Fri, 10am-10pm

Attend classes in-person, online, or both.

Coding bootcamp is 12 weeks. 

Classes are held Monday-Wednesday, 11am – 2pm.

In-person classes are located in Jacksonville, Florida.


Busy during class time?

All lectures are recorded for later viewing.

Instructors are available 7 days / week via Slack.

Repeat the course one time for FREE.

Next Class Begins: April 8, 2024

Limited In-person seats.

Quick Entry Into the Job Market

Jax Code Academy gives you everything you need to secure a high-paying job 

Front-End Skills

Back-end Skills

1-on1 Mentoring

Portfolio Development

Code on a Team

Higher Salary Range

Flexible Schedules




Become a Teaching Assistant

Job Search Assist


Nope! Jax Code Web Academy Bootcamps do not require any prior coding experience or a computer science degree. Programs are beginner friendly.

Yes! Jax Code Academy offers the option to attend classes online, and all lectures are recorded for later viewing. The only requirement is you follow along with the curriculum and are submitting complete assignments within an appropriate timeframe.

In-person classes are currently only available in Jacksonville, FL. However, Jax Code Academy has online students throughout the United States and Canada.

Jax Code Academy Coding & AI Bootcamp is an 8-week program. Students who successfully complete bootcamp are eligible for the optional 3-8 week Internship.

Jax Code Academy bootcamps focus on both project-based learning and assessment training. You’ll work on real-world projects that simulate the work of a professional software developer. We also work on coding challenges to strengthen skills and prepare for interviews.

Jax Code Academy bootcamps are run by experienced instructors and teaching assistants, who are available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the program. You’ll have access to 1-on-1 mentoring, as well as support from the Jax Code Academy peer community.

Attending a tech bootcamp provides a quicker entry into the job market, as well as access to industry insights and guidance. The addition of Internship, and even becoming a Teaching Assistant, indicates strong experience to hiring managers.

Classes are held Monday – Wednesday, 11am – 2pm EST.

In-person classes are currently only available in Jacksonville, FL. However, Jax Code Academy has online students throughout the United States and Canada.

All lectures are recorded for students to watch a later time.

Life can be unpredictable, which is why we allow students to repeat the course one time without charge.

Jax Code Academy



245 Riverside Ave, Suite 100,

Jacksonville, FL 32202

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