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In order to give our students real-world experience, we offer web design and development services for local businesses. Let our students build your website or give your current one a makeover for free!

At Jax Code Academy, we pride ourselves on being experienced, dedicated teachers. Our decades of experience has reinforced the idea that the best way to learn how to do something is to actually do it. There truly is no substitute for real-world work experience, which is why it is important for us to offer our students the chance to take on real clients and websites. We offer web design and development services for local businesses, so our students receive valuable work experience while helping to support community members; an absolute win-win. Our students can either build you a brand new website or provide your current site with some necessary TLC. The result is a professional web site for your business, at no cost, by our newly seasoned coders.

We do ask that you make a contribution towards our scholarship fund, but there is no obligation. 100% of your donation goes towards student scholarships. You can also sponsor a student of your choosing: if you know someone who would like to attend bootcamp, simply pay for their admission to Jax Code Academy instead of making a donation to the general scholarship fund. If the site we build helps your business flourish, maybe you’ll remember us down the road. Your scholarship donation is tax deductible!

How Does It Work?

Choose whether you’d like Option A or Option B, decide whether you’d like Jax Code Academy to maintain your site after it is built, then fill out the Website Request Application below. That’s it! You will be contacted shortly to set up a time to speak (via phone, video call, or in-person depending on your schedule & location), and discuss moving forwards.

Option A

Free with suggested donation
  • We design and build your website.
  • We let you know how much your free site would have cost and you make an optional donation to our Scholarship Fund up to that amount.
  • You will have to provide your own web hosting, as well as update and maintain the site yourself. (Unless you request the maintenance add-on)
  • If the value of this option exceeds $3,000 you will be asked to select OPTION B.

Option B

Need-based cost dependency

Deluxe custom website or application. This option is for businesses that need a web presence or app that would likely exceed $5,000. We can typically do the work for half of what you were quoted by other firms. You reserve the option to request the maintenance add-on.

Maintenance Add-On

  • We provide web hosting, maintenance, and customer service to you, which includes occasional content updates and changes.
  • You can stop service at any time.
  • If you need more than occasional updates, a yearly rate can be negotiated.
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If you like the work we did or you think someone you know could benefit from our services, why not send them our way? Our students are always ready to help!