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Jax Code Academy Internship

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All Jax Code Academy graduates are eligible for Internship. As a member of the Internship Team, you will actively participate in the software development lifecycle, using cutting-edge technologies and industry-standard tools. 

Through hands-on experience, and under the guidance of seasoned mentors, you’ll develop scalable software solutions.

Project duration varies, typically from 3 to 8 weeks.

Well-rounded Advantage

Establish connections and enhance your coding abilities

Confidence Sky-rocket

Tackle real-world challenges, boosting confidence in your abilities as a developer

Competitive Edge

Practical experience makes you a more competitive candidate

Show-off your skills and dedication

Areas of Focus During Internship

Specific projects during Internship will vary based on the needs, requirements, and scope of current work within the Internship team. The following focus areas outline the types of work students can explore during Internship.

Web Application Development

Collaborate on developing web applications using modern technologies and frameworks, focusing on both front-end and back-end technologies.

Website Re-Work and Enhancement

Work on revamping existing websites, improving user experience, optimizing performance, and implementing new features based on client requirements.

API Development & Integration

Work on development and integration of custom APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for web applications, allowing seamless data exchange with external services.

Database Integration & Management

Collaborate on web applications, focusing on database structure, designing and implementing data models, and developing efficient data management strategies.

User Interface & Experience (UI/UX)

Focus on designing and coding intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces, considering user experience principles, usability testing, and implementation.

Content Management System (CMS)

Customize and extend the functionality of popular CMS platforms, such as WordPress, by developing custom themes, plugins, modules, and applications.

Stand-Out Experience

Become a Teaching Assistant

Selected Interns are invited to assist others! Helping others is a great way to strengthen your skills and a great addition to your resume. By Instructor approval only.

Impress Hiring Managers

Deepen expertise and stand out as a candidate

Leadership Skills

Enhance your leadership skills by helping others

Development Experience

The best way to refine your skills is to teach!