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Coding Bootcamp — Train For A High Paying Career

Become a Web Developer in 12 weeks

12 Intensive weeks, followed by a transition to Internship where you will work on real projects for real companies until you find your perfect job.


Enroll for April 29th & Bring a Friend for FREE.

In-person seats are limited.

Enroll for April 29th & Bring a Friend for FREE

Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp

Full-Stack Web Development and Artificial Intelligence

Next Start Date

Sept 9


12 weeks


Mon – Wed

Time (EST)

11AM – 2PM

In-person seats are limited.

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Why Jax Code Academy

Transform Your Career In Only 12 Weeks

Navigating the tech industry on your own is difficult, time-consuming, and falls short for so many people. That’s why Jax Code Academy gives you the skills, support, and resources to transform your career in 8 weeks.

Bootcamps are unique programs which rapidly develop skills in a real-word context. In this Masterclass, you’ll become a Full-Stack Coding & AI Web Developer. You’ll complete this program with everything you need to secure a high-paying job in the tech field. No one teaches you more than Jax Code Academy.

The Skills

Learn the latest and most popular web technologies — master the tools and tech behind the websites and applications you use everyday.

The Support

The Jax Code Community is made of students, graduates, mentors, instructors, and teaching assistants — all dedicated to your success.

The Resources

The structure, community, and experience to know what has worked for hundreds of Jax Code Academy students.

Jacksonville, Florida

Welcome to Jax Code Academy

Free hot and cold beverages
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High Tech Classroom
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State of the Art Facilities

Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp

This is an immersive Full-Stack Web Development & AI Program. Student’s learn the skills and tools to secure a high-paying job in tech.

Bootcamp will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of both front-end and back-end development, along with a deep dive into AI and prompt engineering. Build complex, AI-powered web applications and stand out in the job market.

Next Start Date

September 9, 2024

Program length

12 weeks + optional internship


Mon – Wed

11am – 2pm

No tech experience required. Beginners welcome.

Limited In-person seats.

Without a Bootcamp

With Jax Code Academy

With Other Bootcamps

No clear learning path Become an experienced Web Developer, working on large projects and on teams Learn to code by yourself
No structure or support Flexible schedules Rigid schedules or self-study
Online-only tutorials In-person and live online classes Online only, often pre-recorded
Stuck at roadblocks Instructors available Mon-Sun Limited assistance, only through grades or preset calls
No experience for your resume Internships available No Internship
Free youtube exercises or money wasted on mini-courses Affordable tuition & flexible payment options $10,000 - $30,000+
No guidance or career services Guidance while applying for jobs DURING Bootcamp Advice for job hunting after Bootcamp


Affordable one-on-one learning is what I liked most. Not to mention the friends and contacts I made. It’s also nice to know and see firsthand of the successes of others that have gone through Jax Code Academy.


I got an entry level front end web developer job shortly after training in the boot camp. Very good for asking questions and getting a full scale view of web development, unlike online classes which you can only rewind and only teaches how to code, none of the configuration and UI that comes along with coding that can lead to hours and hours of frustration.


Great hands on coding boot-camp with all of the 1 on 1 learning you need! Dr. Fitzmeyer and his vast knowledge of coding languages including popular languages such as C, python, and JavaScript will help you build a solid foundation to get you started in your coding career!

Flexible Attendance Options

Jax Code Academy bootcamps
fit into your busy schedule

Our students have full-time jobs, parenting responsibilities, full college schedules, or other commitments; which is why we make sure coding bootcamp fits into your schedule.

  • Attend classes in-person, online, or both.
  • Busy during class time? All lectures are recorded to watch later.
  • Instructors are available throughout the week via Slack.
Students can repeat the course one time for free.


at Jax Code Academy


via Google Meet

Hybrid / Flex

Online & in-person

Virtual Office Hours

Mon-Fri, 10am-10pm

Integrated Career Services

Build a professional portfolio. Highlight your growing skills for future employers.

During bootcamp, you’ll go beyond theoretical knowledge, and instead focus on practical application. Build real-world projects, including a website portfolio and a Github portfolio. 

Personalized Guidance

Your mentors, experienced professionals in the field of web development, will offer insights, advice, and strategies.

Continuous Assessment

Regular assessments and feedback will help you identify areas of improvement, refine your skills, and prepare for future job interviews.

Industry Insights

Learning industry trends and best practices ensures your skills align with and even surpass industry standards.

Soaring In the Tech Industry

Jax Code Academy Graduate Spotlight

Ethan B.

Java Programmer

Liz W.

UI/UX Developer
Pearson Publishing

Daniel M.

Full-Stack Developer

Isiah W.

Back-End Developer

Din H.

Salesforce Developer
IvyTech, Inc.

Sara C.

Full-Stack Developer
D2D Technologies

Sept 9

Next start date for coding & AI bootcamp


Most Affordable
Complete Bootcamp

70K - 140K​

Avg Nationwide
Tech salary range


After Bootcamp
Join Jax Code Academy Graduates in the tech industry

Ready to launch your career in tech?

Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp is an immersive program which provides the flexibility to fit accelerated career development into your life. All graduates are eligible for Internship.

Enrollment takes just a few minutes to complete. In-person seats are limited and qualified applicants are admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Nope! Jax Code Web Academy Bootcamps do not require any prior coding experience or a computer science degree. Programs are beginner friendly.

Yes! Jax Code Academy offers the option to attend classes online, and all lectures are recorded for later viewing. The only requirement is you follow along with the curriculum and are submitting complete assignments within an appropriate timeframe.

Jax Code Academy bootcamps focus on both project-based learning and assessment training. You’ll work on real-world projects that simulate the work of a professional software developer. We also work on coding challenges to strengthen skills and prepare for interviews.

Jax Code Academy bootcamps are run by experienced instructors and teaching assistants, who are available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the program. You’ll have access to 1-on-1 mentoring, as well as support from the Jax Code Academy peer community.

Attending a tech bootcamp provides a quicker entry into the job market, as well as access to industry insights and guidance. The addition of Internship indicates strong experience to hiring managers.