Become A Web Developer Full-Stack Developer Software Engineer Front-End Developer Wordpress Developer UX/UI Developer Mobile Developer Javascript Programmer Web Analyst Web Designer Web Consultant Database Administrator Cybersecurity Specialist

HTML     CSS     JavaScript     PHP     MySQL     Bootstrap     Python     Cybersecurity

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✔ Coding is fun   ✔ developers are in high-demand   ✔ avg. starting salary is $45-$70K

Early Registrations are Encouraged. Seats Fill Up Quickly.


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Bootcamp Begins

Sept 13 @ 10:00 AM



Jax Code Academy Bootcamps are premier web development training programs which prepare students for high paying jobs in the rapidly growing tech industry.

12 Weeks

3 Months Of Immersive
Career Training

Monday - Friday

Mon-Wed Lecture Days &
2 Assignment Days

10 AM - 2 PM

Monday - Wednesday
Lecture Hours


Optional 3-Month Internship Post-Bootcamp

No Prerequisites

Zero Coding Experience Necessary

Bring A Laptop

A Laptop Is the only required Material for Bootcamp

2K Tuition

With the Option for AFFIRM Payment Plans

Hybrid Classes

Attend In-person, Online, or a Combination of both.


Kick-Start Your New Career at Jax Code!

Jax Code is here to help make your career transition seamless! Jax Code Academy offers immersive 12-week coding bootcamps. Course curriculums are designed teach you the skills needed to be fully qualified and employable in the tech field. Class styles emphasize job market training and preparation. Bootcamps are taught by industry professionals with extensive training and experience. Each class provides group and 1-on-1 instruction (including online courses), with a low student-to-teacher ratio.

Affordable Career Training

Top-tier job training with initial low price-point & AFFIRM payment plans.

Low Tuition

Jax Code's total tuition is $2K. No Admission (or other) fees. Average tuition at other bootcamps is $10-$30K.

Payment Plans

Customizable, interest-free, no-fee payment plans through AFFIRM. Pre-qualification, no effect on credit.


Comprehensive job training, preparation, and assistance for every student. We only succeed if you do.

Why Tech? Why Bootcamp?

High-Paying Career

Be Your Own Boss

Work Remotely

In-Demand Skills

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, Python, & Cybersecurity

Future Forward

Transition Careers Fast

Fun & Creative


Specialized career training for the current job market.

full-stack web development with cybersecurity

resume building, interview prep, job placement


Full-Stack Web Development

‘Full-Stack’ refers to every layer of web development: Front-end (what the user sees) and Back-end (what your computer does behind the scenes). 
Top Front-End Languages:
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap

Front-end development focuses on how the user interacts with the program. Everything you see when you look at a computer screen is created by a front-end developer. They use code to turn data from the computer into a graphical interface that a user can see and interact with. The concentration is on design, layout, ease of use, and the organization & flow of information. 

Front-end Interface


Back-end Code


Top Back-End Languages:
PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Python

Backend development focuses on three components of web development: server, database, and application. The server (a computer or program that exchanges information with the internet) connects a database (where information is stored) to the internet. The specific way information is accessed, used and stored by the computer is determined by an application.

Front-end development focuses on how the user interacts with the program alone.

Front-end development focuses on how the user interacts with the program alone.

Front-end development focuses on how the user interacts with the program alone.

Cybersecurity. Ethical Hacking

Hybrid Classes

3 Ways to Attend Class. Flexible formats to fit every schedule.


At Jax Code


via Google Meet



Coding Bootcamp


Total bootcamp length without Internship



Further develop your skills and build your resume


MERN Stack: MongoDB, Express, React, Node

To boost your skills & opportunities, graduates are encouraged to sign up for a Jax Code Academy Internship after bootcamp. Work on projects for real companies to build up your résumé while applying for jobs!


Prerequisite Coding Skill

Required Materials

You Must Bring:

Coder Spotlight

Join Jax Code's Happy Graduates!

Jax Code’s Web Developer Bootcamp will train you to be qualified for over a dozen jobs, including Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Cyber Analyst. These are a few people we’d like to introduce to you!

Daniel Mamnev

Xamarin Cross-Platform/ Full-Stack Web Developer

Elizabeth Wyatt

UI/UX Designer at AppSoft Development Inc.

Sara Coggin

Full-Stack Web Developer at D2D Technologies


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Next Bootcamp Begins





New Career

We look forward to seeing you in class!

Join Jax Code's Happy Graduates!

Web Development is an exciting & lucrative career field. Jax Code is here to make your career transition seamless.

Coding is fun, developers are in high-demand, and average starting salary for a developer nationwide is $45-$70K.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

Next Bootcamp Begins




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June 19, 2021

10 AM - 2 PM

FREE One-Day Coding Bootcamp

Hosted By Jax Code @ The Avenues Mall AND Streamed Online Via Google Meet

Visit Jax Code and learn introductory coding. Gain some skills and decide whether coding is for you. You will learn basic coding with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Bring a go-getter attitude and a laptop if you want to follow along and participate.